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The Stagg Fellow

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Black goose neck kettle with lid off.

As cozy as Balconi can be, getting a fresh cup of pour-over while sitting in your knickers here, just isn't in the cards. For those moments, there is the STAGG Fellow. Made of steel, complete with a well designed spout AND thermometer, this Fellow means business!

Black goose neck kettle with lid that has built in analog thermometer.

Not too cold, not too hot--it's all been figured out with the STAGG. The comfortable grip makes tipping it a breeze and you can even count on it being there when you're ready for more. Just rinse with a little fresh water and soap and you're good to go. Stop by Balconi and pick up your very own STAGG kettle, today!

Black goose next kettle sitting on it's retail box that has it's image and text of Fellow Stagg Pour over Kettle.

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