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Live A Little...

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Wearable pin of a mug with tulip latte art.  Attached to paper backdrop of robot logo and words Giant Robot Sawtelle Japantown.

Despite the madness of the holiday season, there's always room for a bit of rest and relaxation. Coffee and cake are how I keep myself focused, effective, and most importantly grounded, in these fast paced times. Life's not about downing coffee in a to-go cup, while begrudging every car ahead of you in rush-hour traffic-- Make it a point to spend at least an hour a day relaxing (without your phone). Read something, dream, take a few minutes to purge your mind of the endless reminders, emails, and text messages that flood us on the daily. If the relaxation doesn't supercharge your routine, the caffeine and your last bite of pastry surely will.

Slice of cake loaf on small plate on newspaper on round marble table.

While this is a coffee blog and therefore my duty to make you want to drink coffee, I will now do the unthinkable and instead direct you towards this delectable pastry. Don't feel guilty, you can always take the stairs!

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