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Gone Reading...

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Worn book sitting upright on marble pedesal with cover of metal coffee maker and other books on shelf in background

In the age of e-books, I am returning to my roots. I am picking up the printed book, complete with binding glue, good textured paper, and book smell. I will be out with my coffee— Gone Reading.

I have noticed how lackluster the reading experience seems to be for the younger generation and can’t help but wonder, will younger generations still know the joy of holding a good book or reading impactful words that cannot be discovered, liked, or shared, by way of a touchpad click? Without physical bookstores to house real books, the answer is (unfortunately) "No".

Sometimes the joy of reading comes not from simply reading a book, but finding the perfect one. For me, the perfect book is often found in first-rate second hand bookstores. I am always able to find some hidden gem at Sideshow Books, located on Sawtelle and Santa Monica Blvd. in los Angeles. Sideshow Books seems to be one of the last remaining bookstores in the area, aside from Barnes & Noble.

Worn book with cover of metal coffee maker standing upright on pile of books with array of books on shelf in background

I had the pleasure of conversing with Tony, the owner of Sideshow Books, during my last book run and managed to find find not one, but three perfect books, along with an hour’s worth of insightful conversation. During our chat, I discovered that Tony collects vintage coffeemakers— not only for the product itself, but for the package design. Out of the wonderful collection of vintage items he has for sale, I selected this one to photograph.

Overall, there is a vast selection of delectable books and oddities at Sideshow, along with creative setups for themed new-additions to the store. If you can't find a book to go with your coffee or tea, I’m sure Tony will be able to help you out. You may just learn a thing or two without having to swipe.

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